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Jennifer is the absolute BEST. Seriously. I’ve had Botox treatments multiple times from various places in Nashville and NYC over the years and they NEVER worked on me. When I first met her I told her of my experiences and basically said that I think that I’m immune to Botox. She took me on as her “challenge client” - giving me the minimal amounts so it was affordable to my bank account, she encouraged me to come back after two weeks if it didn’t work and she worked with me for about six months until it did. She gave me amazing deals along the way, was completely honest and upfront and she and her staff made me feel totally comfortable for coming back over and over until we got results. After so many years of trying Botox and giving up, I FINALLY have the results that I’ve been looking for!! I’m also happy to report that as sad as I am for not seeing her so frequently, I’m thrilled that I only have to go back every couple of months now!!! :) I will always be grateful to Jennifer and her staff for their understanding and persistence. They are truly the best.
— Erin D. (Yelp ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)