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TCA Peel

TCA stands for trichloroacetic acid. For years, TCA has been considered the gold standard for medical-grade chemical peels. Its proven efficacy is well documented, and it is still used in many offices today. TCA peels are medium-depth treatments that can penetrate past the superficial epidermis into the deeper, upper dermis. This depth level is ideal for treating wrinkles, moderate to severe pigmentation, and even skin conditions caused by the sun such as actinic keratoses.

How It Works

TCA is a chemical cauterant, meaning it coagulates proteins in the skin. This is why many experience a white frosting immediately after the peel is applied. As the treated skin goes through controlled cell death, the cells will naturally slough off revealing fresh, new skin underneath.

What To Expect

Makeup and lotions are removed using our three-step cleansing process. A degreasing agent will further cleanse the skin of oil and debris. The TCA solution is then applied using broad, even strokes. Several passes may be applied for deeper penetration. As the skin begins to frost from the acid, you will experience a stinging sensation. To avoid the feeling from becoming too intense, we will use a fan to administer cool air onto the treated skin. An application of soothing creams and sunscreen will complete the treatment. The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. Because multiple follow-up visits are required to ensure proper healing, all subsequent appointments will be made at this time.

Length Of Results

Results from a TCA peel can last months, and if the skin is taken care of properly, even years.

Number Of Treatments

One TCA peel is usually sufficient to see great results. However, deep sun damage and wrinkles may take several treatments. Peels should be spaced at least 1-2 months apart for the face.