Please read Before Your Initial Visit to prepare for your first appointment.

Procedures Only

This consultation is for people who have already found an effective skin care regimen that they love and simply want to add treatments. We will discuss the advantages of introducing laser/IPL treatments and injectables that complement your products. We will also consider incorporating facials and peels to achieve the best results.

Products Only

Starting out with a great skin care regimen is the foundation for aging gracefully. At this consultation, we will discuss the importance of using quality products with effective ingredients to truly protect and correct the skin. You’ll understand the reason behind using each product and how it fits into your overall regimen. If you have a couple items you want to keep, we can incorporate them into your new routine. Together, we’ll create an efficient skin regimen that you can stick to and enjoy.


With our comprehensive consultation, you will not only get focused feedback on how to take care of your skin with products, but also receive a thorough analysis of both the face and body to see how certain procedures can enhance those features. Most consultations will last around 30 minutes, allowing all your questions to be answered and all your concerns to be addressed. We may also do a couple test spots with the laser or IPL machine, and many will leave with sample products to try. Everyone will take home a detailed treatment plan to guide you in the right direction.